About Fox's Cleaners

Thank you for considering Fox’s Cleaners for your personal or business needs! I want to take just a moment to tell you a little about our history and services.

In the 1950’s Fox's Cleaners was originally known as “The Shee Kee Laundry”.  The owner was originally from China and would split his time between China and the United States.  He would offer to sell and finance the laundry business every few years in the early spring when business was good.  He would return from Hong Kong in the late summer when business was bad, the weather hottest, the new owners disillusioned, and little money.  He would take back the laundry minus the down payment and monthly payments.   In the late 50’s he sold the business to James and Mary Fox.  They would have all his money for him when he returned late that summer.   He was disappointed and tried to purchase the cleaners back with money to boot, but to no avail. 

In 1960 the laundry business was moved from the town square in Marion to its present location at 1102 West Main Street.  The Jim & Mary Fox decided to change the name of the business to include dry cleaning and later a coin laundry.  Mr. and Mrs. Fox owned and operated the business  until 1982 when the Gulledge family purchased the business.   Bob Gulledge is the owner to date. 

Bob Gulledge has now expanded the business beyond the Marion area.   Fox’s Cleaners covers most of Southern Illinois and Northwest Kentucky with textile rentals.   Fox’s Cleaners has been expanded to 6 counties with its dry cleaning business.   These include: business and residential delivery routes, a satellite store located in Harrisburg, and drop-off locations in Herrin and Carterville.  All items are processed at the Marion plant.

The services provided by Fox’s Cleaners dry cleaning department include; professional dry cleaning, shirt and jean laundry, suede and leather cleaning, wedding gown cleaning and preservation, alterations, fire restoration, bundle laundry, area rug cleaning, and purse cleaning. 

Fox’s Cleaners has been a landmark in Marion, Illinois for the past 50 years. We are proud to say that we have earned a reputation for quality processing at highly competitive prices. Each week, over 1,200 customers rely on our services. Our experience in both laundry and dry cleaning has enabled us to provide a higher standard of quality in uniform and other rental products.

We don’t claim to be the largest, but we are the most dedicated to our Southern Illinois customers. If you have a problem, you will be working directly with the owner. You can find me right here, most any day, not behind some lavish corporate office desk but in the plant with our dedicated employees.

Thank you for visiting our website and please contact us with any questions, problems, or concerns!

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